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In U.C.L.A. Debate Over Jewish Student, Echoes on Campus of Old Biases

by Adam Nagourney in The New York Times

"... (An) uncomfortable debate has upended this campus of 29,600 students that has long been central to the identity of Los Angeles. It has set off an anguished discussion of how Jews are treated, particularly in comparison with other groups that are more typically viewed as victims of discrimination, such as African-Americans and gays and lesbians. Read full story 

The Options Facing Obama and Netanyahu

by Jeffrey Goldberg in The Atlantic

I had some time at the AIPAC conference yesterday to ask myself some questions, so I did. I originally did this is an exercise in head-clearing -- which is a hard thing to do at AIPAC -- but then thought that I might as well post it. I hope this gets at some of the complexity of the moment.... Read full story  

Danger Ahead for Obama on Iran

by Jeffrey Goldberg in The Atlantic
The political conflagration over Netanyahu's speech is masking another issue: Obama's responsibility to avoid making a bad nuclear deal. Read full story 

Study: Over half of U.S. Jewish college students have encountered anti-Semitism

by JTA

More than half of current American Jewish college students have personally witnessed or experienced an anti-Semitic incident, according to a new study. Read full story  

Historic US terror verdict charges Palestinian Authority with $654m. in damages

from Haaretz

Ending a saga dating back to the end of the Second Intifada in 2004, a US jury on Monday handed down a historic verdict against the Palestinian Authority for involvement in six terror attacks from that time period, charging them with $654 million in damages. Read full story  

Israel-India strategic ties are no longer a secret

by Amos Harel in Haaretz

Cooperation between the two nations was ramped up over a decade ago, but the Indian government preferred to keep a low profile, until now. Read full story  

The emerging Iran nuclear deal raises major concerns

Editorial in The Washington Post

Though we have long supported negotiations with Iran as well as the interim agreement the United States and its allies struck with Tehran, we share several of those concerns and believe they deserve more debate now — before negotiators present the world with a fait accompli. Read full story

The improving economy isn't improving for everybody

by Gilda Jacobs, President/CEO of the Michigan League for Public Policy, in Detroit Free Press

Unemployment is down and personal income is up a bit. That's certainly welcome economic news in Michigan, but it may be masking a harsh reality for low- and middle-income families. Read full story

What the Media Gets Wrong About Israel

by Matti Friedman in The Atlantic
The news tells us less about Israel than about the people writing the news, a former AP reporter says. Read full story  

In Iran nuclear deal, there's no room for compromise

Op-ed in Detroit Free Press by JCRC President Dr. Richard Krugel:

A nuclear-capable Iran would be a grave threat to the security of the U.S. and our allies, and would further destabilize the Middle East and South Asia. The effort to prevent a state sponsor of terrorism from nearing this capability is of the gravest importance.  Read full story 

Israel Wants Detroit Partnership

by Bankole Thompson, Senior Editor, Michigan Chronicle (metro Detroit's African American weekly newspaper)

Israel’s top diplomat to the Midwest came to dinner to sell Israel as a product any nation or community would want to seek partnership with as part of his mission in establishing links and building new bridges. I came to dinner to advocate for Detroit as a place that is on the rebound with much untapped potential and a city that Israel should seriously consider establishing a meaningful relationship with in the form of a memorandum of understanding to promote trade and educational opportunities among other things between the two jurisdictions.  Read full story 

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