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Learn, then speak out on the Iran nuclear deal

The Jewish Community Relations Council is deeply concerned the Iran nuclear agreement gives in too much to Iran's demands and gives up too much of what American, Israeli and world interests need. While that assessment is shared by many in the Detroit Jewish community, there are some community members -- including some JCRC board members -- who feel the agreement is acceptable, verifiable and enforceable. Between those viewpoints stand others who have not yet formed an opinion or are uncertain how to evaluate the agreement.

JCRC urges Congress to evaluate the agreement with a maximum of wisdom and a minimum of partisanship. However, this is a critically important issue on which we urge metro Detroiters to exercise their capacity for civic engagement and become active participants in the process. As the Jewish community's primary convener for public policy discussions, JCRC stands as a ready resource for community members to educate themselves on the agreement, decide for themselves where they stand, and then let their elected members of Congress know their feelings.

In our view, the agreement's terms are too generous and too vague to ensure the fundamental goal by which it should be judged: preventing the mullahs from obtaining a nuclear weapon. The lifting of sanctions will give Iran billions of dollars to expand its support of terrorist groups; saying the sanctions will "snap back" if Iran cheats is little more than wishful thinking. Even if Iran doesn't secretly continue its nuclear weapons program, it will be free to weaponize its nuclear capability when the agreement ends. With its brazen hostility to Western interests and its quest for advanced weaponry, sooner or later that advanced weaponry will likely include nuclear weapons and the intercontinental ballistic missiles able to carry them to their targets.

In the window to the right are links to numerous news reports, editorials, op-eds and other documents, some that call for Congress to reject the agreement, others that argue against Congress doing so. This list will be updated often during the 60 day period Congress will be debating it. At this point in the discussion, our message to the community is: Don't sit on the sidelines. Join the discussion. Learn about the agreement, and then act on what you have learned.

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Job Opportunity: Executive Director, JCRC

The Jewish Community Relations Council of Metropolitan Detroit (JCRC) is seeking a talented and experienced Executive Director to lead the agency to the next level as it implements its new strategic plan.

Iran Resource Center

Jewish lawmakers shut out noise as they consider Iran nuclear deal

by Ron Kampeas, Washington Bureau Chief, JTA

Rep. Steve Israel answering questions after a meeting of the House Democratic Caucus in Washington, D.C., May 9, 2014. The New York Democrat is chafing at the rush among Republicans to denounce the Iran agreement. (Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Turn off the ads, turn down the noise and read, listen and consult. That's what five key Jewish lawmakers say they are planning for the five to seven weeks they have to contemplate their vote on the Iran nuclear deal. Read full story

Israel yet to receive all annexes of Iran nuclear deal, says NSC advisor

by Itamar Eichner, YNet News

Israel's National Security Advisor Yossi Cohen (Photo: Yuval Chen)

Israeli officials following the US Senate hearing on the Iran deal were shocked to learn about classified details of the agreement, of which the had no previous knowledge.  Read full story

For the Mideast, It's Still 1979

by Thomas L. Friedman in The New York Times
"... the big question about the Iran nuclear deal reached this month is, Will it ultimately be a break from the history set in motion in 1979, and put the region on a new path, or will it turbocharge 1979 in ways that could shake the whole world? Read full story 

Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit Statement on the Proposed Iran Nuclear Agreement

The proposed nuclear agreement with Iran presents a unique and historic issue with potentially devastating consequences for Israel, the United States and the world at large. As a non-political organization dedicated to the social welfare...

The Iran deal and the hubris of certainty

by Uriel Heilman, JTA's senior writer and former managing editor

Admit it: You might be wrong. Yes, you have a strong view about whether the nuclear deal signed with Iran last week will spell catastrophe for Israel, or whether it's the best of a range of bad options for dealing with Iran's apparent pursuit of a nuclear weapon. But we can't predict the future, so we can't know for sure whether this deal will be more or less effective at slowing Iran's path to a bomb than the other options: a military strike on Iran's nuclear facilities, or rejecting this deal and hoping the world upholds sanctions and a more yielding Iran returns to the negotiating table before it can build a bomb. 

The consequences of a bad deal with Iran

by John Bolton, former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations and fellow at the American Enterprise Institute

[T]he real choice we are faced with is dealing with the consequences of military action or the consequences of a nuclear Iran. Neither is palatable, but the latter is far worse. If the real objective is stopping Iran from getting nuclear weapons, preemptive military action is now inescapable. 

AIPAC fly-in launches major push against Iran nuclear deal

by Ron Kampeas, JTA

Hundreds of pro-Israel activists from across the country will descend on Capitol Hill next week to press members of Congress to reject the nuclear deal with Iran.


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